EV SSL adoption reaches new heights for security

Online security is getting more important to e-commerce sites and online banks, as more businesses are adopting practices to protect consumers.

The Authentication and Online Trust Alliance announced that its Extended Validation Security Socket Layer (EV SSL) certificate adoption, a tool that prevents Internet fraud by identifying a Web site owner, has increased from 4,000 to 10,000 Web sites in 2008. This came after AOTA pushed adoption of EV certificates for all e-commerce and banking sites 10 months ago.

This growth in adoption coincides with the IRS mandate authorizing that IRS e-file providers participating in online filing of individual income tax returns possess a valid and current EV SSL certificate, which is expected to take effect January 1.

“The IRS mandate demonstrates how business, industry and government can work together to enhance online safety and consumer trust,” said Craig Spiezle, chairman/founder of AOTA in a statement.

EV SSL Certificates were created to address the rise in Internet fraud. EV SSL certified Web sites are marked as such with a green address bar, in a move to increase consumer confidence and trust in that site.

To continue to promote the benefits of EV, AOTA is holding a workshop at the SC Magazine World Congress in New York City on December 10 that will focus on the business value of EV certificates.

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