ETrigue Corp. launches eTrigue 3.0

ETrigue Corp. announced the release of eTrigue 3.0 today. The application was designed to coordinate marketing and sales efforts by finding, sorting and qualifying suitable buying prospects.

ETrigue 3.0 employs components such as 3-D prospect scoring, search-based reporting and real-time e-mail and online alerts to help produce and track desirable targets. It allows users to find and qualify prospects based on demographics, prospect activity and buy time, which can all be customized to fit the purchasing conduct of a specific industry or customer. By ranking prospects, ETrigue 3.0 gives sales groups the opportunity to see what and when prospects are ready to purchase.

ETrigue has spent three years developing and improving eTrigue 3.0 with the help of its clients.

“We’ve been working with a solid base of customers… to develop the features that allow companies to drive sales faster and with greater consistency,” said Jim Meyer, VP and GM of eTrigue Corporation, in a statement.

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