E-mail to grow this Cyber Monday: RetailEmail.Blogspot

Cyber Monday is set to be a big day for e-mail marketing promotions, according to RetailEmail.Blogspot, a site run by the Email Experience Council.

According to the site, on Monday, November 19, 49% of major online retailers sent out at least one promotional e-mail, up from 29% that sent e-mails on the corresponding Monday last year and 44% of online retailers that sent at least one promotional e-mail on the actual Cyber Monday —this year, November 26 — last year.

In addition, promotional retail e-mail grew 14% last week, according to RetailEmail.Blogspot’s RetailEmail Index, which is a measure of the promotional e-mail volume generated by 100 of the top online retailers.

Last year, there wasn’t a week-over-week increase in retail e-mail volume until the week ending December 8. This year’s growth comes four weeks earlier than last year.

Retailers’ e-mail marketing campaigns have also put a larger emphasis on promoting both Columbus Day (Oct. 8) and Veterans Day (Nov. 11) sales this year.

Despite the emphasis put on Cyber Monday, it was only the sixth most popular day of the year to send retail e-mails last year. Cyber Monday was outperformed by two of the three Mondays in December and the day after Christmas, which saw the greatest percentage of retailers sending promotional e-mail, at 53%.

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