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Email providers team up to market to SMBs

E-mail marketer StrongMail Systems has partnered with e-mail service provider Net Atlantic, as part of its move to service the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market. StrongMail gains access to Net Atlantic’s extensive trove of SMB clients (1,800 total) in the deal.

In the past six months, StrongMail has added social and mobile marketing capabilities. StrongMail began offering social media consultative services in July of this year, through its acquisitions of Conversa Marketing and Magnetik. It will provide Net Atlantic’s clients with Web analytics and CRM tools.

The joint parties began talks six months ago

Strongmail CEO Sam Cece noted that the e-mail marketing company, which counts clients such as Travelocity and Intercontinental Hotels Group among its roster, has received many requests from small businesses that want the ability to access a sophisticated comprehensive services platform.

Bill Reich, president of Net Atlantic, said the ESP was seeking to extend its own e-mail marketing and social media platform and began evaluating opportunities about a year ago.

“Our whole philosophy is building a multi-communications platform for that marketplace,” Reich said.

“Now [SMBs] are able to behave like the bigger brands,” Cece said. “This brings a whole new level of functionality to them.”

ESPs have recently begun to cater more to the SMB segment of more providers, in some cases creating a freemium model as part of their marketing strategy.

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