E-Mail List Orders Pick Up

After a dismal week, orders for e-mail marketing lists are picking up again, Rosalind Resnick, president/CEO of e-mail list management and brokerage firm NetCreations Inc., said yesterday.

Though phones were quiet, she said, “the good news is that I think only one small order was canceled. The rest have been postponed to this week and next week.” E-mail marketers had put their mail plans on hold as a result of last week's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

“That's all anyone could think or talk about,” Resnick said. “This week, we're open for business as usual, and I think that mailers on the BTB and consumer side realize that we've all got to get back to business.”

Starting this week, she said, all e-mail messages sent to NetCreations' files will contain footers with an appeal to recipients to donate money to relief efforts and links to the various charities. Besides generating donations, the footer is aimed at building goodwill for mailers.

“If you're a direct marketer, you have to tread very cautiously at a time like this,” Resnick said.

NetCreations, located about a mile north from where the World Trade Center towers stood, was one of eight e-mail companies that pooled resources last week to drive donations to charities involved in providing relief to victims of the terrorist attacks. The firms sent two e-mails to 40 million addresses calling for donations. Other participating companies were SmartReminders, MyPoints, 24/7 Media, ValueClick, Yesmail, Sendmoreinfo and Magellan.

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