E.L.F. expands relationship with eWay to include social capabilities

E.L.F. Cosmetics has tapped eWayDirect, already its e-mail vendor, to power its upcoming e.l.f. Beauty Network social initiative, which will launch later this year. The site is built on EWayDirect’s Direct/Connect 4.0 social media platform.

The cosmetics company has been aggregating social media conversation about themselves, including Tweets and YouTube videos on its AskELF.com site since January. The move to merge this initiative into the e.l.f. Beauty Network and migrate it over to the company’s home page, EyesLipsFace.com, has been in the works for some time, said Ted Rubin, CMO of E.L.F.

“We decided to use eWay’s platform because it was so much more sophisticated than what we were doing. This was the next level for us in building our partnership with them,” Rubin said. “We’re creating a place where our fans, members and customers can view everything about us in one place. If someone wants to see all the chatter about E.L.F., they can see it from our site.”

In addition to viewing social media chatter about E.L.F., consumers can, on the site, interact with the brand by joining discussion groups, participating in forums, getting beauty advice and making recommendations to others.

“This company was really built on what I call social media 1.0 — things like e-mail, blogs, we’ve always been a word-of-mouth company,” Rubin said. “We don’t buy any traditional advertising. The whole social media explosion, with the platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter that are able to reach so many people so easily, just played perfectly into our whole marketing program.”

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