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Domino’s straightforward Web ordering is a tasty treat for lovers of its pizza

Due to my occasional desire for one of America’s favorite meals — pizza — I recently was checking out Web sites to place an order. I was sorely disappointed and frustrated to learn that most pizza chains’ Web sites have cumbersome ordering systems and clunky designs — until I visited Dominos.com. ?

There, I saw Domino’s Web site refresh, which enhances the ordering process for pizza and does a good job of enticing customers to try some of their other latest offerings like pasta. There was nothing on this page but appetizing photography and clicks that took me directly to where I wanted to go – ordering a pizza.?

To my pleasant surprise, the menu options were basic and left no room for interpretation. I clicked on the link to start building my own pizza and immediately saw a blank canvas — an image of a topping-less pizza. As I changed the type of crust, the image of the blank pizza changed. I then selected “Classic Hand Tossed” and moved on to the next step of the ordering system — meat and toppings. Each topping I selected was shown on the pizza and I could even choose on which half of the pizza to place the toppings. ?

This system exemplifies what the Web is all about — simplifying communication. Instead of haggling with a phone operator about whether or not I wanted ground beef and green peppers on the same half of my pizza, I was able to use a well-designed, thoughtful and useful tool to communicate my exact requirements, with no questions asked.?

Following the completion of my order, I was even more pleasantly surprised to see the next screen contained the Pizza Tracker — now my favorite aspect of the Domino’s Web site. The Pizza Tracker, a glorified progress bar, gave me what seems to be real-time information about the creation of my soon-to-arrive pizza. Whether or not this pizza tracker tracked what was really happening, the simplicity of it did wonders to enhance my online visit. Just like that, the experience of ordering a pizza was bridged to the excitement of greeting a delivery driver at the door.?

Pizza lovers everywhere rejoice: Domino’s wants your pizza ordering experience to be fun and hassle free.?

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