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DMA Nonprofit Federation names new executive director

The Nonprofit Federation of the Direct Marketing Association has named Christopher M. Quinn as its executive director.

Quinn replaces Senny Boone, who has led the DMANF since 2002, and was appointed SVP, corporate and social responsibility, in September. Boone continued to oversee the Nonprofit Federation’s activities until a replacement was found. Quinn will report directly to Boone and will be based in DMA’s Washington, DC, office.

Quinn’s responsibilities will include advancing the interests of nonprofit DMA members in terms of public policy, education and creating networking opportunities and promoting the use of direct response fundraising methods.

Most recently, Quinn was assistant vice president of membership at the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU). Prior to that, he served as the finance director for the Reed Hillman for Lt. Governor campaign in Massachusetts and held a similar role for the Jim Coffey for State Senate campaign, also in Massachusetts. 

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