Dell partners with Pardot

Pardot, a b-to-b marketing automation software provider, has partnered with Dell to make its software available on Dell Cloud Business applications, says Derek Grant, VP of sales at Pardot.

The collaboration is designed to appeal to Dell’s small and mid-size businesses, Grant says, adding that it is those types of enterprises Pardot naturally targets already.

“With [Dell’s] cloud based solutions, they’ve really set out with a laser focus on supporting small and mid-sized businesses, and since they’ve been selling hardware [to b-to-b companies] for years, they already have a great reputation within those organizations.”

A direct competitor of Pardot is Eloqua, notes Grant, “a terrific marketing automation vendor, but one not really geared to anyone worth under a half billion,” he says. Part of Pardot’s appeal to Dell lies in its approachability to small and mid-scale enterprises — particularly when it comes to pricing. “There is no upfront cost or initiation fee,” Grant says.

Pardot solutions start at $1,000 per month, “and businesses can pay monthly, quarterly or annually, with no hardware installation necessary,” Grant says.

All Pardot features are now available on Dell Cloud Business, says Grant, and include CRM integration, prospect tracking, lead nurturing and ROI reporting, among other capabilities. Grant declined to disclose the terms and length of the collaboration.

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