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Delivered: Health Club Mailers

What’s in our mailbox this month:

Planet Fitness displays near-perfect technique with its mailer. Its odd size, 10” x 11”, makes it stand out. The front highlights its mission statement, tagline, address, and hours. But the bright yellow tagline draws readers’ eyes past the mission, ensuring that only the most interested recipients will read it. The back focuses simply on the offer and its expiration date. One area where the mailer may look out of shape is that it’s addressed to “Residential Customer.” However, the gym seems to have used USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail service.


Bally Sports Clubs’ mailer lures in the reader immediately—the offer to “save 71%” is written in can’t-miss, oversize text on the back, the front repeats that offer and ups the ante with a pair of complimentary seven-day passes and a striking call-to-action. The front also clearly shows the membership price and emphasizes the urgency of joining before it increases. Addressing the mailer to “Fitness Friend” is certainly a cramp for Bally, but the piece still pumps iron.



The Little Gym does big things with its mailer. The back calls out its unique positioning (fun that builds self-confidence), along with four side-by-side photos of adorable youngsters using various equipment. The front offers a coupon for a free introductory class and another for $50 off tuition, a list of classes, a call-to-action, and more photos of happy children. The Little Gym knocks out each of the three main components of a direct mail piece: message, creative, and offer.


Oxygen Pilates Center’s open house mailer makes the reader sore; the main image of a woman in what seems to be a precarious and uncomfortable stretch—not exactly enticing to newbies—distracts recipients from the open house dates. The front isn’t any better; two bland images, a list of classes, and an uninspiring call-to-action that competes for attention with a secondary offer for parking validation.

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