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Customer Experience Pays Off

SurePayroll, a wholly owned subsidiary of payroll-software company Paychex, provides 40,000-plus small business customers with what it bills as easy and convenient online payroll services. The company has developed several marketing and customer care programs designed to enhance the customer experience, and by extension, customer loyalty. SurePayroll uses Eloqua‘s automated communications offering in many facets of these endeavors. The programs, which targets customers at points in their lifecycle where they’re more likely to purchase additional services or advocate for the company (via referrals), include the following program items:

Program: Walk-through Video

An online how-to video, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, walks customers through their first payroll. Each week customers who are scheduled to run their first payroll receive an email directing them to a microsite, where they can watch the video and download the PDF instructions.

Benefit: A 45% decline in customer care cases related to initial usage in the year since the program was instituted.

Program: Welcome & Nurture

The program, which consists of a sequence of four emails sent to new customers, is designed to: A. educate new customers on the payroll process offering; and B. share information about related, ancillary offerings (in an effort to increase referral leads).

Benefit: Ancillary product sales per month have increased 21% since the program’s implementation, according to the online payroll company.

Program: Surveys/Referrals

When customer service representatives (CSR) close a case, they can opt to send the customer a follow-up survey asking about the service they received. Customers who provide a positive rating are asked to refer a friend.

Benefit: SurePayroll reports that the percentage of leads coming from referrals increased an average of 52% during the year since the survey program began.

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