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Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

common mistakes in content marketing

Many companies make unintentional mistakes with their content marketing efforts, mistakes that are quite easy to fix and outright avoid. The best way to do that is by learning about some of the more common mistakes in content marketing, and how they can be solved.


One of the most common mistakes that many companies seem to make is not editing the content that they’ve created before it’s published. Plenty of people and businesses have noted a lot of success by publishing first drafts. But that’s not always a risk that companies should be taking. This is especially true if the content that the company has been distributing to its audience thus far hasn’t been performing as well as intended. This means it’s time for it to get edited. And the company should continue editing every piece of content it creates before it’s live. It ensures the content will be generating positive results for the business.

Most of the time, a rough or a first draft won’t be enough for a company to properly convey whatever message it is trying to communicate with the target audience. That can either be because the writer has gone off on various tangents. These distract the readers which makes the content, in general, less useful to the audience. Or, because the content contains too much information that ends up overwhelming the readers. Editing is all about creating a better content experience for the target audience. It’s done by making sure each piece of content is going to be thoughtful in a way that will properly convey the company’s messages.

Teaching and Learning

Another common content marketing mistake is not giving website visitors more opportunities to learn. This means the company isn’t taking advantage of the opportunities it must teach its target audience. Many consumers feel that if a website has a lot of content on it, it’s more of a brochure. It makes them feel like they’re not the intended audience for that website or its content.

On the other hand, when companies can present a specific perspective or angle to their content that will set them apart from all the other ones available online, it can generate a lot more attention from the target audience. That’s because the audience will start to feel like the company is offering them something they can’t find anywhere else. The best way for companies to do that is by organizing each piece of content well. Then, they make sure that each one caters to the various needs of the target audience. Then, when a website visitor is on the company’s website and comes across an abundance of high-quality content tailored to their needs, they’re going to be happy to stay in touch with the company to learn more.

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

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