CNET Network’s file managed by Worldata

CNET Networks has tapped Worldata as the exclusive manager of its new-to-market list.

The Boca Raton, FL-based direct marketing list organization reports that the individuals in the file are “totally absorbed in the most favorite television shows and need to know everything about them.”

There are 85,213 names on the list, priced at $200/M. covers television episodes, actors, lines, opinions, trivia and programming options.

The individuals in the file are young; the average age is 29. They have a discretionary income, and they are willing to spend it on leisure-time enhancing products. At 59 percent, a little more than half of them are female, and their average household income is $63,000.

They may be good prospects for organizations soliciting consumer electronics, audio and video systems, music, CDs, videos and DVDs, books and movies, high-tech gadgets and online services.

CNET Networks is headquartered in San Francisco.

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