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Casual Male launches big-and-tall social networking site

Multichannel apparel merchant Casual Male Retail Group Inc. has launched BoldXL, a social networking site for young big-and-tall consumers.

“A growing number of our customers fall into the 18–24 age bracket and, with the launch of BoldXL, we will have another medium to reach this younger demographic, further expanding our customer base,” said David Levin, president and CEO of Casual Male Retail Group, in a statement.

The niche audience can share its experiences and discuss fashion tips on the site. Visitors can also purchase apparel and footwear through www.shopboldxl.com. Wisconsin-based agency Planet Propaganda worked with Casual Male on the design and content of the Web site, with the goal of creating a young, cool, bold look.

Prior to the launch, Casual Male surveyed its existing 18- to 24-year-old customers to gauge their attitudes towards social networking. The survey revealed 84% of the respondents already participate in one or more social networking Web sites. In addition, more than half of those polled said they would participate in an online social network with big-and-tall individuals in the same age bracket.

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