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Carlsberg’s New Marketing Strategy


Companies continuously strive to negotiate the dynamic environment of marketing to stay one step ahead of the competition. One such business is the well-known beer brewer Carlsberg, which recently made a big adjustment to its marketing approach. Carlsberg wants to reinvent its approach to media and advertising in an increasingly digital environment and is teaming up with iProspect, a digital agency renowned for its experience in the area. This article digs into the specifics of Carlsberg’s new marketing strategy and agency, examining the motivations behind the company’s choice as well as the difficulties it faces.

Carlsberg’s decision to switch agencies and partner with iProspect speaks volumes about their focus on adapting to the changing marketing landscape. As Henna Mertsola, the Global Digital Marketing and Media Director at Carlsberg Group, explains, the way the company defines digital media has evolved. In the past, the focus was on impressions and reach, much like traditional media. However, with the convergence of print, broadcast, and online media, it has become more challenging to track advertising from a financial perspective.

Mertsola highlights the need for an agency with strong measurement expertise, and iProspect, along with its parent company Dentsu, stands out in this area. Both agencies have developed tools and partnerships that aim to capture attention with greater accuracy than existing methods. Carlsberg’s decision to work with iProspect reflects their desire to spend their advertising dollars more wisely and be more accountable internally.

Carlsberg, like many other companies, has a strong procurement team that casts a shadow over all its spending decisions. While cost was one of several criteria in the agency selection process, Amanda Morrissey, the Global Client and Brand President at iProspect, emphasizes that the pitch and subsequent decision were not solely procurement-driven. The emphasis was on finding the best approach to advertising, considering factors such as scale, business intelligence, and commerce.

The partnership between Carlsberg and iProspect is rooted in pragmatism, focusing on implementing smaller, more focused changes rather than ambitious ones. The two companies are working together to determine the best setup at both the global and local levels. This approach acknowledges the challenges that often come with large-scale changes and aims to achieve meaningful results without overwhelming the organization.

Transparency in media buying has become increasingly important for marketers, especially as companies invest substantial amounts in digital ads. Henna Mertsola emphasizes the need for marketers to be more accountable internally and provide the best answers when questioned about the effectiveness of their digital advertising spend. This trend reflects a broader shift in the advertising industry, where agencies play a vital role in helping marketers become more responsible.

The numbers speak for themselves. The global billings managed by media agency networks owned by the major holding companies and independent agencies experienced significant growth in recent years. This growth demonstrates the continued relevance and effectiveness of the agency model, despite predictions of its demise.

During the pitch process, iProspect used its identity platform to help Carlsberg gain a better understanding of its audiences. This glimpse into what could work in the future highlighted the potential of data-driven insights and personalized marketing strategies. While the exact details of the partnership are still being determined, Carlsberg is looking to iProspect for guidance on the best approach, including team structures, tools, and efficient ways of working.

Carlsberg’s marketers are eager to leverage iProspect’s expertise to make data-driven decisions, optimize their marketing efforts, and achieve better results in the ever-changing marketing landscape. The partnership represents a strategic move for Carlsberg, reflecting its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing and advertising.

Carlsberg’s decision to partner with iProspect and redefine its marketing strategy demonstrates its commitment to adapting to the evolving marketing landscape. By focusing on measurement expertise, transparency, and accountability, Carlsberg aims to optimize its advertising spend and achieve better results. The partnership represents a pragmatic approach, with smaller, focused changes being prioritized over ambitious, sweeping transformations.

In the dynamic world of marketing, companies must continuously evolve their strategies to meet the demands of the digital age. Carlsberg’s collaboration with iProspect exemplifies their determination to stay ahead of the curve and leverage data-driven insights for effective marketing campaigns. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Carlsberg’s new agency and marketing plan unfold, and the impact it has on their brand and business.

First reported by Digiday.

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