CareerPath's Rich Media Campaign's Not Above a Little Bribery launched its first rich media e-mail promotion yesterday, hoping to add to its registered user base of 2.5 million. The promotion, called “The Ultimate Bribe,” offers users the chance to win a $10,000 shopping spree at if they register at the career management site.

This is the first creation born out of the L90 Inc. and RadicalMail partnership. L90, an Internet advertising solutions provider, joined forces with RadicalMail, an interactive e-mail company, in April.

The promotional e-mail message allows consumers to register at CareerPath and enter the contest without leaving their e-mailboxes. The message also includes a voice-over explaining the offer, as well as a viral component. Within the message, recipients can forward the e-mail to as many as five friends. For every friend they recommend, they earn $5 in Flooz online currency.

The message is being mailed to 300,000 people within the L90 database who are between ages 25 and 54, with a heavy focus on IT professionals.

The campaign is supported by banner ads that feature 10 pieces of creative linking to a sweepstakes page. CareerPath purchased 11 million impressions across the L90 ad network. One million of these impressions are “Power Ads,” rich media pop-up windows that appear when consumers click on select Web sites. Ads are appearing on sites such as, and The offer will end July 31.

All aspects of the promotion will be tracked by the L90 “adMonitor.” CareerPath will have real-time access to the number of people who opened the message; entered the contest; referred a friend; and other information.

CareerPath has high hopes for the campaign as it has had success with standard viral marketing programs in the past, according to Jacqueline Meaney, vice president of marketing at, Los Angeles.

The site ran a multimedia marketing campaign late last year using buttons, banners, print, radio and viral e-mail. “The viral program was a leading source of registrations to the site,” said Meaney. “This is our first venture that brings together sound and the visual, fully functional e-mail. We really think we'll see some extraordinary click-through rates.”

Campaigns without rich media historically have been successful for L90 clients, said Matt Spiegel, manager of the direct marketing division at L90, Santa Monica, CA. “Typically 15 [percent] to 20 percent of the people who click through will register with the campaign. From there, the average person will refer four to five friends. Then 8 [percent] to 12 percent of the referred users register. It helps companies build a bigger database because you're reaching users you wouldn't have gotten anyway.”

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