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Campbell feeds global marketing appetite with new CMO

Campbell Soup Company expanded its taste for global marketing by hiring Michael Senackerib to fulfill the newly created role of CMO.

“Mike will be focused on delivering marketing services on a global basis and building Campbell’s global marketing capability across the entire organization, working hand-in-hand with our brands,” says Carla Burigatto, director of external communications for Campbell. “We saw an opportunity to build our global marketing capabilities and create a senior role whose responsibility is to maintain our closeness to the consumer across all of our iconic brands and to develop marketing talent.”

Senackerib will report directly to Campbell’s president and CEO Denise Morrison and will head the company’s marketing initiatives in terms of marketing services, global advertising, design, media, digital marketing, and customer insights, says Burigatto. She says Senackerib will also work with director of digital and social media Adam Kmiec for digital marketing functions.

“[Senackerib] will oversee the growth and development of Campbell’s existing marketing talent and help build a community of marketing specialists who can develop specific functional expertise, whether that’s in digital communication or other marketing services,” Burigatto says.

Campbell found Senackerib through the use of an executive recruiting firm. Prior to Campbell, Senackerib served as SVP and CMO at Hertz Corporation, where he was responsible for the brand and digital marketing, pricing, and yield management on a global scale, says Burigatto. He has also fulfilled marketing and general management duties at Campbell and Kraft.

“He has broad experience across our industry, especially in two of our key categories—soup and biscuits,” Burigatto says. “We’ve always had a strong marketing team, and this role is about getting better.”

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