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CA Consumer Group Sues Q-Ray Maker

The Consumer Justice Center, Laguna Niguel, CA, has filed a lawsuit against QT Inc., charging the manufacturer of the DRTV-marketed Q-Ray bracelet with false advertising.

The lawsuit seeks to stop QT Inc. from selling the bracelet in California, to give up its profits and pay the consumer group's attorney fees.

Andrew Park, owner of QT Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL, claims that the bracelet pulls toxins out of the body, relieving pain, improving strength and increasing energy. The 30-minute infomercial about the product, which has brought more than $10 million in sales since September, features testimonials from consumers crediting it with everything from improving their golf games to relieving arthritis pain.

The Consumer Justice Center alleged that these claims are medically unfounded. The results of a Mayo Clinic study about the bracelet will be available by July.

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