B-to-b e-mail lists see dip, but still priciest category

Worldata’s Winter 2008 List Price Index, which examines prices and trends in CPM for lists, found that permission-based e-mail b-to-b is the highest priced category, with a February 2008 straight average price of $287/M, though this represents a decrease of $2/M from last year.

Conversely, straight average price for newsletters increased $6/M from last year, with a February 2008 straight average price of $178/M.

The last index, for fall 2007, was the first where cost-per-lead data was included. For Winter 2008, cost-per-lead Consumer Programs averaged $1.30 per lead, a slight decrease over last quarter. Cost-per-lead b-to-b programs averaged $4.90 per lead, an increase of 7% over last quarter. Whitepaper syndication cost-per-lead programs showed an average of $13.25 per download, an increase of 70 cents over last quarter, and the cost for an additional custom question on top of the base cost-per-lead averaged 85 cents per question for the first time recorded.

The largest price increases occurred with databases/masterfiles increasing $9/M, and attendees/members and public sector, each had increases of $8/M. The permission-based e-mail b-to-c categories, edged out its b-to-b counterpart for largest price decrease, when it dropped $3/M from the previous year

While the e-mail category CPM is dropping, it is still strong and only responding to the entrance of cost-per-lead marketing into its arena, Worldata said in a release.

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