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Bruins' Goal: Boost Attendance With Real-Time View of Seating

The Boston Bruins aim to increase attendance and revenue for home games by using StratBridge's StratTix data analytics technology, the Cambridge, MA, company said yesterday.

The Bruins, one of the National Hockey League's Original Six franchises, will rely on StratTix to gain a real-time view of sold and available seating in advance of home games so sales staff can develop promotions and strategies to boost sales. This will help fill seats and get an early read on per-game revenue so staff can react quickly.

“Our current system for studying sales trends is tedious, lengthy and not very timely,” said Lorraine Spadaro, vice president of technology and e-business for the TD Banknorth Garden and the team. “We have to pull data from various TicketMaster sources to get a single view of the status of a particular game's ticket sales. If the data has not been crunched in time for our sales and marketing analysis, we have to make assumptions. Thanks to StratTix, we will have a real-time snapshot of what the arena will look like for each home game so we have better data to act upon.”

By the end of January, the Bruins will be using the technology to maximize sales and visualize data that previously appeared in complicated spreadsheets. Live monitors will show sales staff up-to-the-minute available seating in the Garden so they have time to create marketing programs to fill vacant seats. Spadaro said StratTix will save at least one day per week of work in reporting tasks for sales and marketing teams.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm in the first couple of months of the season after last year's [league-wide] lockout,” she said. “But the next three to four months will be critical.”

In addition, the Bruins Premium Club sales staff will be able to create comprehensive graphical data representations of premium seating over multiple seasons that will enhance and modify overall sales strategies.

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