Bravestorm releases click-to-call software for SMBs

Web site communication tool provider Bravestorm has released BoldCall Express, the company’s first standalone click-to-call lead generation software for online publishers. Aimed at small businesses, the tool allows business owners to customize if or when a user of their site sees a pop-up prompting them to click to have a sales representative contact them directly.

The service is different from using traditional telemarketing or offering consumers a 1-800 number, said Ross Haskell, director of marketing for Bravestorm.
“This is already a warm lead,” he said. “The consumer has already been driven to the site though other marketing methods.”

Business owners can see the caller’s name, city and from which Web page they requested the call.

The tool is ideal for small business owners who have a Web site, but one that’s not necessarily the primary method of sales, said Haskell, citing insurance representatives, auto dealers and real estate agents as examples. Calls can be routed to any phone, regardless of whether or not it’s close to a computer.

Bravestorm also produces a click-to-chat software, and larger suites of products for enterprise publishers. Current client of those products include ABT Electronics and

BoldCall Express is currently available in private beta but available for free trial on the company’s Web site.

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