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Brands embrace social media for Mother’s Day

Marketers are looking to social networking strategies for their Mother’s Day campaigns this year.

Mother’s Day is a big event for many brands but with marketers more conscious of costs this year, “they are turning more to social aspects of marketing” to promote brands this holiday, said Sam Decker, CMO, at Bazaarvoice. “Social marketing can be less expensive because of the long-term ROI around user-generated content.”

1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s Mother’s Day campaign includes an online destination where visitors can share stories about outstanding mothers using social networking tool Bazaarvoice Stories.

Social media also plays a key role in a campaign from Kodak that was created by Ogilvy New York. A tongue-in-cheek viral video featuring iconic 60s mom Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” talks about unappreciated moms and what can be done about it, such as visiting the Kodak Gallery where 1 million free Mother’s Fay cards are being offered. Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are being used to share the video.

“We wanted the campaign to be something that people shared with each organically and take on as their own cause,” said Aaron Griffiths, executive creative director, digital, at Ogilvy New York. 

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