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Babel PR transitions to employee-owned structure

"Employee-Owned Structure"
“Employee-Owned Structure”

Babel PR, a renowned B2B tech PR firm, has recently transitioned into an employee-owned entity, according to CEO Jenny Mowat. This important shift demonstrates the company’s commitment to instilling a sense of ownership and participation among their employees.

In order to sculpt a more collaborative and inclusive company structure, Babel PR has transferred a significant proportion of the company’s shares to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). This strategic move creates a more inclusive and motivated work atmosphere, where each employee has a stake in the business and is therefore more inclined to contribute towards the company’s success.

The largest individual shareholder now is Co-founder Narelle Morrison, while co-founder Ian Hood has taken up an executive chair role, providing the company with valuable advisory support. This significant change is a testament to Babel PR’s belief in their employees’ dedication and hard work and enriches them with financial benefits as the company grows.

By becoming an employee-owned company, Babel PR aims to provide employees with greater financial security, while fostering a deeper sense of company pride and commitment.

Babel PR’s transition to employee ownership

Not only does employee ownership highlight the company’s belief in its staff’s capabilities, but it also allows employees to have a direct stake in the company’s future growth and success.

In addition to the significant structural transition, Babel PR has expanded its executive team. New additions include Katie Owen as director, Ash Lockett as head of B2B marketing, and Paul Campbell as senior director and the EOT board employee representative. Through their new roles, these individuals bring novel perspectives to the leadership team, crucial for directing the organization towards its strategic objectives.

To top off the list of significant changes, Babel PR has also expanded its clientele with the addition of Veeam, Ciena, BICS, Orange Cyberdefense, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Because of the company’s ongoing transformation to the EOT framework, the guidance from Cooper Cavendish LLP proves indispensable.

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