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Atlas carries weight of in-video ads

Online in-stream video ads can now be implemented and tracked as easily as banner ads thanks to marketing technology provider Atlas’ In-Stream Video product.

This new video tool from Atlas, Seattle, allows for the tracking of impressions, conversion rate, brand exposure and ROI for in-stream ads that precede online videos. Publishers can place the ads online as easily as banner ads and metrics can be measured across multiple sites.

Media buyers will be able to aggregate reach and optimize video ads across multiple media platforms with this tool.

In-stream ads reach video-on-demand viewers and therefore have a more targeted focus as opposed to the broad sweep of cable television, radio and print. However, with this more acute focus comes a lack of awareness of the medium.

According to a study done by the research division of Atlas, Atlas Institute, many online users are unfamiliar with video-on-demand. Television promotions on standard cable channels, or “Branded Navigational Units,” increase awareness of this relatively new medium. This accounted for 25 percent of one retailer’s video-on-demand audience, and the study found that the time of day at which the promotion ran is as important as the content of the video being promoted.

With the advent of its in-stream video optimization tool, Atlas Digital Marketing Suite is improving targeting capabilities and expanding the spectrum of digital advertising formats.

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