Appleseed's Challenges Brokers

List brokers still have time to enter a contest given by women's apparel cataloger Appleseed's, Beverly, MA, and its list manager The Specialists, Weehawken, NJ. The broker that places the most test orders on the Appleseed's file between June 1 and Oct. 1 will win a $250 gift certificate redeemable for purchases from the catalog. The prize will be awarded at the DMA fall show in San Francisco.

The Appleseed's file consists of 139,311 six-month buyers and 76,845 three-month buyers. Ann Brown of The Specialists said enhancements and overlays on the Appleseed's database have triggered a 2 percent to 3 percent monthly increase in the size of the buyer files and an increase in repeat usage.

The average Appleseed's buyer is a 55-year-old homeowner with an income of more than $100,000. Brown said the file gets good use for home furnishings and fundraising offers. The latest contest is a way to increase that out-of-category use.

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