Apple unveils faster iPhone

At Apple’s WWDC today, the computer maker announced its latest update to the iPhone OS and a new handset model, the 3GS, which will make rich media easier to interact with and expanding the reach of consumer base. The price of the current 8 GB iPhone 3G, which will remain on the market, drops to $99, effective today with the announcement.

The new iPhone includes an improved Safari that Apple claims loads JavaScript three times faster and supports QuickTime X-style HTTP streaming of audio and video.

“This is technically a lot better — making it a much faster phone will increase page views,” said Krish Arvapally, co-founder and CTO of Mojiva, a mobile ad network. “And it is cheaper, which will expand the customer base and will bring more demographics to the phone.”

The new update includes a number of new branded Apps including a guitar-control APP created by software firm Line 6 and Planet Waves, as well as a ZipCar application that will let users unlock their cars remotely and activate a honk to locate it via the iPhone.

In addition, TomTom has introduced a new GPS application and car kit to give drivers on their iPhones turn-by-turn directions. There is also a new e-book reader called ScrollMotion. Another new app, called the AirStrip lets doctors bring patient medical records to the phone.

The new iPhone will also feature the ability to rent and purchase movies as well as audiobooks from iTunes. The new iPhone includes tools such as cut and paste, as well as a Find My iPhone application which will locate lost phones.

With the new updates, advertisers are looking for new ways to send messaging. “Our clients are looking for new features to expand where you see ads,” added Arvapally.

“We are expecting to see iPhone page takeovers, instead of just banner ads and apps since it is more powerful and now better for the advertising networks.”

The updates will be available on June 17 worldwide. It is free for iPhone customers and $9.95 for iPod Touch customers. The new phone comes out June 19.

This comes after the release of the Palm Pre, a new touch-screen mobile phone that aims to challenge the iPhone. “It will be interesting to see what will happen as people begin to use the Palms and as the new iPhone updates roll out,” said Arvapally.

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