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App of the Week: Business Messenger

Business Messenger allows users to send and receive messages with coworkers and external contacts via their existing office number.

Customers’ U.S. or Canadian landline numbers are entered into the HeyWire Business Cloud and activated to become interoperable with any phone worldwide—recipients don’t need the app to receive messages. Plus, Business Messenger requires no changes to existing phone contracts.

The Web app lets users send and receive text messages from any computer, and see new messages via an on-screen alert. In addition, users can set customizable messages to respond to texts while unavailable.

Business Messenger’s other features include:

  • Coworker directory– Coworkers’ numbers are automatically added to a separate tab in the user’s address book.
  • Photo sharing– Users can attach photos to texts.
  • Voice text– Instead of sending a voicemail, users can record a voice text.
  • Archive– All messages are encrypted.

Business Messenger: “[T]he only self-serve app available designed to meet the messaging needs of today’s business professionals.” Boom:

The app makes messaging easier:

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