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App of the Week: Beesy

Beesy aims to make taking notes easy peasy.

Not just a note-taking app, however, Beesy was designed with business in mind to make users more organized. The app has an automated to-do organizer that syncs with calendars and address books. Also, it comprehends notes, automatically generates to-do lists, and keeps track of tasks in each meeting attended.

In addition, Beesy reuses all of the user’s typings “by leveraging a template-based system that structures your notes.” The app strives to enhance the note-taking process by:

  • Using a button to implement fast iPad note taking capabilities
  • Faster autocomplete based on people, projects, or the user’s own vernacular
  • Using predefined context so the user can focus on jotting down the heart of the message
  • Instantly export and send meeting minutes that boast a professional layout

By eliminating the hassle of transferring notes from paper to electronic form, Beesy claims that it will save users at least 15 minutes per meeting. It also states that it “is the only solution to provide a comprehensive tool that integrates the daily process of a manager: calendar events, note taking, meeting minutes, and automated follow-up for actions, projects, and teams.”

Powerful, this app is! 

Spoiler: Beesy received 4.5 out of 5 cups of coffee in this review.

iPadAppStorm loved it, and so will you!

Looks pretty cool indeed, Dave.

Chris chiming in again that Beesy is the best

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