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ANZ Bank ‘gettingUthru’ by Rapp New Zealand

ANZ Bank wanted to connect with students without offering a cash incentive for opening an account. The bank’s ‘gettingUthru‘ campaign, created by Rapp New Zealand, used social media and on-site promotions to capture the attention of students and promoted further engagement with social media components.

“It’s tough to talk to consumers about banks at the moment, and it’s particularly tough to talk to students,” explains Wayne Pick, executive creative director at Rapp New Zealand. “What we did have was a great insight: while students don’t care about banking, they certainly do care about having no money. GettingUthru was a place where they could find money saving videos and survival tips, set budgets, search for jobs and find deals to help get them through.”

GettingUthru.com allows students to upload their own economic survival tips as both text and videos, in place of ANZ doling out traditional financial advice that often goes unheeded among students. By the end of orientation week, over 7,000 students had opened an account, which as a 10% increase year-over-year.

“Instead of a bank doing all the talking and advising, students began to talk to the bank and dishing out advice of their own,” Pick says. “And after that, without any incentives, record numbers went on and opened accounts.”

Creative team:

Executive Creative Director, RAPP New Zealand
Wayne Pick     

Associate Creative Director; RAPP New Zealand
Pat Murphy

Senior Copywriter; RAPP New Zealand
Susan Young

Senior Designer; RAPP New Zealand
Katie Benge

Creative Director, Tribal DDB New Zealand
Daniel Wright

Production credits:

Production Manager; RAPP New Zealand
Marcel De Ruiter

Photographer, Reload
Stephen Langdon

Mike Stephenson

Other credits:

Client Services Director; RAPP New Zealand
Jackie Shaw

Senior Account Manager; RAPP New Zealand
Iva Steffalova

Account Manager, RAPP New Zealand
Afshin Saffari

Account Director, Tribal DDB New Zealand
David Rhoades

Communications Managers, ANZ Bank.
James Perrin and Kim Versfeld

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