AmEx Marketing Coup of the Year

Have you heard that there is a musical about Alexander Hamilton? People seem to like it. While Broadway always has an annual “hit show” that is the hardest seat to procure in town, the hysteria around Hamilton is seemingly unmatched in the annals of Broadway with resale tickets going for thousands of dollars. 

Well, the Hamilton juggernaut moves onto 2017 with a special presale available only to very specific American Express holders. And while AmEx has long worked with Ticketmaster to provide presale opportunities to its VIP customers, there has been nothing like Hamilton for quite awhile. 

And since there’s an entire cottage industry of articles that help consumers try to get Hamilton tickets – I can only imagine how many times that is search – AmEx will benefit from perhaps the easiest, free new membership promo in the history of marketing.

It’s a wonderful day when esteemed publications such as write this in a piece of editorial content complete with link to a sign up page. 

So for “Hamilton” mega-fans afraid of getting shut out on Ticketmaster — and given the enormous interest in the show and competition from ticket resellers with access to sophisticated ticket-buying software , you will —  it might be worth your while to invest in a Platinum Card with its $450 annual membership fee. Tickets to “Hamilton” on the secondary market are $600 for the cheapest nosebleed seats and go up to $3,000 for prime seats. 

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