American List Counsel Takes Over Publisher's Toolbox

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, has assumed management of 47,000-name Publisher's Toolbox and 30,500-name Stone Hill Collections buyers lists and brought to market a 610,000-name Pilots Database. ALC New England, Stamford, CT, has assumed management of the National Arbor Day Foundation file, which includes the 749,900-name members, 132,000-name buyers and 186,800-name advertising responders lists.

In other news:

* Chilcutt Direct Marketing, Oklahoma City, has introduced three compiled lists and one response list with updated counts through December. They are the 1.25-million-name Missouri Bird Hunters, the 71,185-name Kansas Sportsmen and 33,325-name Massachusetts Deer Hunters license holders lists and the 18,311-name Adventure Athletes buyers list.

* Fasano & Associates, Los Angeles, has brought to market a 50,000-name Brides & Grooms compiled file of newlyweds and 50,000-name monthly hotline of bankruptcies.

* Focus USA, which specializes in database marketing, enhancements, modeling and list rental, has moved its headquarters to Hackensack, NJ, and opened an office in Boston.

* The Lake Group, Rye, NY, has assumed management of the 35,000-name Business & Commercial Aviation and the 9,000-name Overhaul & Maintenance subscriber lists from McGraw-Hill.

* List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, has brought to market a list of 402,941 SOHO businesses and 126,995 Female Executives from the Harris Infosource master file and a 3.15-million-name Gruner+Jahr Men subscriber list from the G+J Master file.

* Mal Dunn Associates, Croton Falls, NY, has brought to market the 1.01-million-name Southern Progress Catalog Buyers file that has matched the subscriber lists of five Southern Progress titles to database of catalog buyers. It has also assumed management of the 1.6-million-name Clark Photo, 17,000-name Fat Fighter Weight Loss and the 16,200-name Assemblers at Home buyers list as well as the 69,000-name American Association for the Advancement of Science membership list.

* The Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, has brought to market the 686,567-name Sports Retail Buyers list and the Z-24 enhanced Retail/Mail Order Buyers lists from Eastern Mountain Sports and assumed management of the 18,817-name Orvis International buyers list. It is also offering special promotions on the Norm Thompson, Talbots and DM Management lists.

* Mokrynski & Associates, Hackensack, NJ, has assumed management of the 120,000-name design Toscano buyers list.

* Novus Marketing, Tarrytown, NY, has brought to market the 655,099-name First Moments sampling program list and the 901,459 subscriber list to Health Magazine. The first list is a combination of the Expectant Parents and New Parents programs from the Parenting Group distributed by childbirth educators and hospital nurses.

* Statlistics, Danbury, CT, has assumed management of the 74,400-name Sensors Magazine, the 67,300-name ID Systems and the 57,800-name Desktop Engineering subscriber lists from Helmers Publishing. The firm has also opened a new office in Great Neck, NY, specializing in BTB and hi-tech list management and brokerage.

* Stevens-Knox, New York, has brought to market the 300,000-name Girls Life subscriber list and assumed management of the 206,000-name Hemmings Motor News and 28,400-name Special Interests Autos subscriber lists.

* 21st Century Marketing, Farmingdale, NY, has brought to market the 98,987-name SOHO Internet Solutions ISP members and the 198,120-name NT Tech Pro buyers lists. Both lists are three-month hotline names.

* Venture Direct, New York, has assumed management of the 44,000-name Expansion Management Magazine subscriber list from Newhope Communications and the 20,800-name Frozen Food Age, 56,700-name Progressive Grocer Magazine and 3,900-name RT Magazine lists from Bill Communications.

* Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, has assumed management of the 76,885-name Y2K Information Center list of technology professionals and the 69,224-name Great Education Software buyers list.

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