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AI Marketing: What to Know

ai marketing

Artificial Intelligence. It’s growing in popularity. Technology is advancing more and more each day. Its use is becoming more commonplace among the everyday person than ever before. But what actually is it? And how does it relate to AI marketing? 

All of these are valid questions. And the truth is that AI marketing is an incredibly complex topic. But this article is here to help you smoothly navigate AI marketing and understand the ins and outs of it in an easy-to-digest way.

Okay, So What Is It?

To put it simply, AI marketing is the process of using advanced AI technology to optimize and leverage the workload involving everything that comes with marketing. So, this could mean using AI to understand and evaluate the data and analytics pulled from your social media. For example, this would determine the reach and efficacy of your content. Another example would be using AI to advance your Search Engine Optimization efforts (SEO). 

A different example of using AI technology is by using it to benefit the customers, not your own internal marketing team. Using a “chatbot” for instance is a way to make the consumer experience better. A chatbot is an automated messenger that pops up on websites and asks if you need any help and is there to guide you through your online experience, essentially. This can be a great method to use if there is a great deal of traffic on your site and customer service calls coming in. Using a chatbot will reduce wait time for your customers or audiences, as well as relieve some of the heavy workloads for you/employees. 


A major benefit of AI marketing is that it is better at predicting advertising moves that will be successful. It takes past data and online codes to determine the most effective moves as far as what promotions, campaigns, etc. to make. This can ultimately save you time and money—a win-win situation. 

Consumer Behavior

Not only is AI better at looking at your past content to determine the best next moves. But so too is it incredible for predicting consumer behavior. It can profile and identify each audience member you have by using cookies and other online technologies. This allows the technology to know exactly what your audience likes and how they like to consume media.


Additionally, because the AI knows each individual and their habits so well, it makes it easier to personalize every step of the marketing process to the individual person. AI helps make it easier to develop a unique profile for each person on a website, for instance. It even helps determine what words and items each person is likely to search for. This, in turn, makes it easier to pinpoint exact areas of marketing on which to focus.


The bottom line is that with the rise of AI technology comes the rise in consumers’ expectations. They expect companies to know what they want and deliver it in the way they want it. If a company or brand fails to do this, they will leave your site or page without a second thought. 

This data will then allow you, as the real marketer, to create a humanistic approach to this robotic way of analyzing people. The combination of the unwavering accuracy of Artificial Intelligence with the more personal and emotional development of ideas from humans creates a surefire path to success in developing strong advertising and marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

AI marketing also leaves far less room for error. With a computer doing the data analysis, the common mistakes and slip-ups often made by people are completely eliminated. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, you need to make AI marketing work for you. Ultimately, there’s no one size fits all. However, hopefully, after reading this, you are able to have a stronger insight into what AI marketing entails. Plus, what it can do to benefit your marketing tactics. 

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