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Agencies can now go to “Twitter Flight School” to learn how to market on its platform

In an effort to get more digital marketing agencies to use it, Twitter is introducing “Twitter Flight School.” It’s an online resource that gives digital marketers tutorials on best marketing practices, as well as an explanation of the advertising tools and analytics available to them.

Recently, Twitter had been introducing new updates and tools for marketers at a rapid pace. Much of it has to do with its big push for generating revenue and satisfying Wall Street. For marketers, the platform has undergone a major evolution in terms of what it can do, and Twitter expects to roll out even more new solutions, especially for video and e-commerce, in the coming months. It makes sense to have an online resource that marketers can sign up for, which will help them stay in the know.

Writing on the company blog, Twitter’s head of agency strategy Christine Cuoco said:

Increasingly, our agency partners are moving from asking “Why Twitter” to “How Twitter.” Their top questions include: “How do I take my content on Twitter to the next level?” and “How do I use promoted products and other tools to get the right message to my target audience in the right moment?” This input and more inspired the development of Twitter Flight School, our new online learning hub.

Here’s a video from Twitter further explaining the impetus behind Flight School.

Agencies can sign up for Twitter Flight School here.

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