Adobe announces new features and even more integration for its Marketing Cloud solutions

Adobe announced several updates and new features to its Marketing Cloud offerings right before it kicks off its Digital Marketing Summit in Utah tomorrow.

As we reported in our feature story on the big five marketing cloud companies, complete integration of all marketing offerings is the final goal for all the marketing cloud players. Adobe just jumped ahead in that race by announcing several core services that would provide far more integration and utility across all its offerings.

Here are the new core services and updates Adobe is announcing across all its marketing cloud platforms:

1) Master Marketing Profile: This new feature will allow Adobe’s marketing cloud users to create a dynamic, single-view profile of a customer through input from all the Adobe platforms. This is a crucial step towards true integration because now, each one of the marketing software pieces will share a single view of the customer, rather than bits of information residing in each platform. This means marketers will have the ability to target and interact with one customer in a consistent manner, whether it’s through email, advertising or social. “It’s the glue that pulls all these solutions together, and it will give marketers the ability to personalize experiences at a very specific audience level,” says Kevin Lindsay, VP marketing of Adobe Target.

2) Shared Assets: With content being the buzzword for marketers in 2014, Adobe has also leveraged its strength in creative solutions by integrating it with the marketing cloud. With Shared Assets, marketers can view and access multimedia content that has been created in Adobe Creative Cloud within a single asset repository in Adobe Marketing Cloud. This makes it far easier to share, evaluate and deploy assets across the different marketing channels, whether its social, mobile or website. It also makes it easier for the creatives to work with the analytics/marketing teams for a unified strategy.

3) Marketing Mix Planning: This new feature will provide predictive and descriptive analytics for marketers to optimize their promotion strategy across all their channels. The tool is designed to help them figure out the ideal mix and spend in each channel. Put simply, it’s a way to monitor and plan the marketing activities (both online and offline) in one dashboard.

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