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Adfonic launches video advertising for mobile

Adfonic, a European mobile advertising network, has launched video advertising for mobile on Android and iOS phones, said Adfonic CMO Paul Childs. The product also measures real-time user engagement so brands can quickly determine a campaign’s effectiveness.

“[The new service] is enabling advertisers to reuse commercials from other channels, push them to mobile and create this seamless consumer experience,” said Childs.

Previously, viewing videos on mobile phones required navigation to a remote player, such as YouTube, to view the video clip, Childs said. Adfonic’s mobile video advertising product uses the phone’s existing video player to seamlessly move from the mobile site or app to a high-quality video commercial.

As soon as the video finishes, the user is returned to the app or mobile site. Users can also tap out of the video at any point.

Advertisers, agencies or brands using the product can view metrics, such as initial impressions and clicks, to see how consumers engaged with each video based on viewing duration.

“We assign an engagement score, which is calculated to determine how engaging a particular video was for a campaign,” Childs said.

The service has been launched with “roughly” five companies in various industries including automotive and film. Childs declined to identify the companies.

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