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Addressing shared economic hurdles in New Hampshire’s regions

"Economic Hurdles"
“Economic Hurdles”

In a dialogue steered by Fred Kocher, common economic problems were identified among New Hampshire’s Monadnock and Seacoast regions.

Despite their distinct geographies, both areas wrestle with problems like an aging workforce, a short supply of affordable habitation, and a need for more diverse employment choices.

Kocher emphasized the crucial part that local businesses play in economic growth, urging the need for a beneficial environment for these establishments to ensure the region’s future prosperity.

The conversation acknowledged that Monadnock and Seacoast can overcome economic hardships with meaningful dialogues and strategic planning.

Key figures, such as Cody Morrison from Monadnock Economic Development Corporation and Darren Winham from the Exeter/Seacoast Economic Development Stakeholders, participated in the discussion, providing their expertise and insights into economics.

Monadnock and Seacoast share economic realities in labor, housing, and childcare verticals despite different geographic contexts.

Shared economic challenges in New Hampshire’s regions

These similarities are attributed to the systemic nature of these issues rather than being solo troubles of these regions.

Due to their reliance on comparable sectors, both regions mirror each other’s job market, wage patterns, and employment trends.

Facing similar escalations in housing costs, these regions’ workers are battling economic hindrances already at play.

Affordable childcare is also a shared concern, limiting workforce participation.

Morrison and Winham provided expert insights into these mutual problems and urged a careful examination of them to find long-term, sustainable solutions.

Economic behaviors in these regions reflect broader statewide economic trends. Thus highlighting the interconnected nature of the state’s monetary systems, which calls for thorough financial planning.

The need for a collective effort to tackle these issues was also emphasized, as economic challenges tend to have a ripple effect across regions.

Unity and collaboration were stressed as critical for efficient solutions to these extensive economic troubles.

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