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What Is a Marketing Assistant’s Salary?



For the average marketing assistant position in the United States, one can expect to make roughly between $30,000-$50,000 per year. However, salaries will also range greatly due to location, overall tasks, responsibilities and more. But the real question you may be asking yourself is not the salary of the average marketing assistant, but rather, what does a job as a marketing assistant even entail, and what does one have to do to succeed in this job?


In order to become a marketing assistant, it is reasonable to assume one will most likely (almost always) need to have a bachelor’s degree of some sort from a respectable and reputable university. If you are able to land a job in this fun, fast-paced career area, your primary job is going to be to support the work of your managers and supervisors in a marketing or advertising agency, nonprofit or department. But what might this actually involve? Read along to find out more about being a marketing assistant to find out if it just might be the right career for you–or to find out what to look for when hiring your very own marketing assistant. 


As mentioned, being a marketing assistant can look different depending on where and for whom you work. Some of the typical duties of a marketing assistant include collecting and compiling information and research into accurate, summarized reports that can be digested easily by superiors in order to increase the overall marketing team’s time management. Other duties include jobs more related to some Public Relations aspects such as organizing events, monitoring social media accounts, creating content, writing copy for campaigns and more. The best part about a career as a marketing assistant is how broad the scope which it covers is. If you consider yourself more of a copywriter who wants to stay behind the scenes as an introvert, a marketing assistant could work for you, assuming you take over those more clerical, behind-the-scenes tasks. However, if you consider yourself a more extraverted person, a job as a marketing assistant could also be made to work for you. For instance, you could focus on the bigger, more event planning and public relation types of tasks that require a very strong personality who knows their goals can handle big tasks in order to keep the team afloat. 


One of the best advantages to getting a job as a marketing assistant, besides simply having a strong, impressive job right off the bat, is that there is so much ample room to grow and progress in one’s career if they begin as an assistant. Marketing as a whole takes a great deal of experience, and experience takes time. When one begins as an assistant, you are able to quickly and easily learn and catch on to the bigger picture and larger tasks that happen behind the scenes which make the entire department work well together. If you are a marketing assistant, this insight will give the ability to flourish and likely get promoted faster because of how much experience you have.


Additionally, if you want to be a marketing assistant but aren’t exactly sure where you want to work, marketing assistants can get a job at relatively anywhere in any career field they want. Marketing assistants are needed wherever there are general marketing tasks and duties to be accomplished, which is virtually everywhere. Marketing assistants can have positions at public sector organizations, major advertising agencies, retailers and manufacturers, charities, consultancies and so much more. If you are looking for a job fast and feel you have the intellectual, organizational and personable skills that would make a great marketing assistant (but are not yet sure which area of the world and current affair interests you), getting a job as a marketing assistant might just be the best way for you to put both feet on the ground as you determine your path and your passions. 


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