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Acxiom adds digital component to AbiliTec data product

Acxiom will announce October 7 that it has created AbiliTec Digital, a web-based component to its 10-year-old data integration product.

The product allows the marketing services company to offer digital identities of customers and match those with traditional name and address data. Although the AbiliTec technology has been capable of amassing a knowledge base of current and historical customer information, this latest iteration adds online data to the mix.

“Data integration is a category we invented 10 years ago,” said Tim Suther, CMO of Acxiom. “We’ve come a long way.”

He added that one of the biggest challenges for marketers today is not only creating great experiences for customers, but also attributing the success of each piece of the marketing campaign.

Suther said AbiliTec Digital brings his marketer clients one step closer to understanding what effect each campaign element and media impression has had on conversion.

“We think the underlying notion of customer identity across channels unlocks enormous potential,” he said. “Our ability to include digital identifiers and connect them with physical identifiers enables us to act with certainty and create a relevant experience [for customers].”

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