Acculist managing Performance Products insert programs

Performance Products has appointed AccuList USA to manage its catalog blow-in and package insert programs.

In business for more than 40 years, Performance Products is a mail order and Internet distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories for Mercedes and Porsche cars and domestic and foreign trucks, 4 x 4s, and SUVs. Marketers can now select between two distinct demographic groups — European Auto owners and Truck/4×4/SUV owners. This predominantly male audience purchases aftermarket products for performance, maintenance and restoration, including interior and body accessories.

The three programs available are the Performance Products Truck and SUV Catalog Blow-In Program, which reaches 1,260,000 annually and costs $40/M; the Performance Products Mercedes and Porsche Catalog Blow-in Program, which has a 258,750 universe and costs $40/M; and the Performance Products Mercedes and Porsche Package Insert Program, which reaches approximately 60,000 per year and costs $60/M.

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