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A new, digital day at DMN

From the editor:

Throughout Direct Marketing News’ history, we have charted the dramatic effect the digital revolution has had on all manners of marketing and media. Digital has made it easier to connect directly with consumers, update, and target information on the fly and distribute messaging across organizations, time zones, and platforms.

During this time, the digital revolution has impacted publishers just as much as any company or marketer. We always knew there would be a time where Direct Marketing News would make a hard decision to cease publishing monthly printed editions and throw all its considerations behind digital and social media.

That day is today. While it is bittersweet that this will be the last scheduled monthly edition of Direct Marketing News that you hold in your hands, we are incredibly excited about what we’re building online and invite you to be a part of it.

The reality is that online affords us the best opportunity to cover this rapidly shifting marketplace in the right way. We can focus on the issues of the day, peel back, and do deep dives that keep the conversation going on social and, when the opportunity arises, special-edition print issues.

Moving away from dedicated print frees us up to devote more attention to the simple business of providing you, the readers and viewers, with more content. We plan to roll out a number of new features better situated to the online environment, including newsletters, videos, and audio. Our goal: to remain the definitive provider of digital and data-driven strategy content for senior marketers.

We are also changing the name, slightly, to reflect our increasing obsession with quantifiable marketing. We will be now known as DMN, reflecting the data-driven and digital marketing content for which we are known. The URL will stay the same, but the logo and name will reflect our new focus.

We hope you will join us on this journey, wherever it takes us. To learn more about the new DMN, the definitive provider of digital and data-driven strategy content for senior marketers, visit us at dmnews.com/newday.

Keith O’Brien, Editorial Director

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