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5 Ways Marketers Can Use Live 360 Degree Video

Live 360, a new iteration on its popular live streaming service that allows user to stream 360 degree video. The move is an answer to YouTube’s existing 360 degree live streaming functionality, but unlike YouTube’s offering, Facebook Live 360 is only available to select brands for now.

But once Live 360 eventually releases to the public, it will likely bring a newfound fascination with 360 degree video with it, which is an opportunity for marketers to experiment with the format.

While many uses of live 360 degree video would work as well as “recorded” video, broadcasting live can produces a greater immediacy, and allows brands to organize content around live events.. But brands should do their best to produce video that feels fresh and of the moment.

It’ll take time for the 360 degree streaming market to mature, but here are five potential use cases for the technology that could benefit marketers, and help them capitalize on the immersive nature of 360 degree content in real time.

Factory and Corporate Opening Tours

Not every brand will have stunning behind-the-scenes video, but those that do (think Boeing, GE, Mars) will be able to vividly show the science and processes behind getting their products to market. Imagine the ability to follow the construction of a jet engine in 360 degrees.

Alternative Reality Games

Video has never been the best mechanism for direct sales, so brands should think less of the medium as lead gen and more about surprising and delighting their core constituencies. The creative campaigns companies do, such as a tie-in with a movie, can be extended to live video (think a treasure hunt or exploring the set of a film).

Hospitality Upsell

It’s hard to wow prospective visitors to resorts and entertainment venues through static images on a site, and traditional videos don’t cut it either. Imagine taking a master suite video tour with a live representative who can answer questions while planning your next vacation.

Extreme Sports

Why should Red Bull have all of the fun? Brands can partner with alternative athletes to come up with great uses of the camera through things like skydiving and X-Games-style sports, with the brands getting the halo effect of that attention.

Customer and Employee Stories

360 degree video is not a panacea for boring content. If a straightforward video is boring, expanding it to a 360 view won’t change anything. Empower your stakeholders to find stories to tell about their lives or the products they use and pick the best ones to feature.

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