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5 Steps to Proving Your Marketing Campaign’s ROI

Your boss in the C-suite may not understand the concept of a customer journey; what he or she is interested in is ROI. Marketers today are under the gun to offer proof that their marketing campaigns are helping to drive revenue.

Five steps to prove your marketing campaign’s ROI

1: Set clear goals; align marketing goals with overall company’s overall business plan

2: Make sure your programs are measurable, and what you are measuring serves those goals; what are your KPIs? (Brand awareness vs. conversions—or both) Examples of KPIs: website analytics, audience engagement-social media; conversions, Use predictive analysis to determine cost per lead, customer value, and rates of conversions

3. Draw insights based on metrics; adjust marketing strategy to meet goals. Use cognitive analysis to determine the customer’s experience, where her engagement was the strongest, and how to nurture her through the funnel.

4. Ensure sales teams efforts are in line with marketing efforts

                5. Present info to C-suite in language they understand

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