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5 Common Agency Project Management Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them

In today’s fast-paced agency environment, project managers can find themselves struggling with a constant flow of work requests, staying on deadline and on budget, tracking statuses, and effectively managing collaboration and communication between team members, executives, and clients. In order to help agencies improve project management and draw the best talent to your agency, it’s important to be aware of 5 key challenges of agency project management and the “hows” to avoid them—all while using a collaborative work management solution.
Join Workfront in this webinar where you’ll learn how to: 
• Align creative briefs and and project plans to prevent misunderstandings and produce the best possible work
• Communicate and collaborate in context to encourage work efficiency
• Gain visibility and reduce “busy” work to allow the agency to make better decisions that will retain talent and maintain good relationships with clients

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