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2015 40Under40 Winner: Cristina Bozas

Cristina Bozas, Creative Chief Officer, Pólvora Advertising

 Bozas insists that digital has changed the way she approaches marketing. “One of the biggest professional accomplishments as a direct marketer was to take the online presence of the largest facial plastic surgery network in the nation, convince the owner that they needed to do more online, and grow their online revenues from 10 to 40% of their total revenue—in just 4 years,” Bozas says.

Defining moment: When I stop being scared of bringing my ideas to the front despite what others thought, and I had the experience to make sure they could be executed correctly.

Words to live by: Never settle; push for more because everything can always be improved.

Strategy shift: Direct marketing has evolved to a greater level in the digital world with better analytics.  Users are establishing new paths to purchases that are not linear but circular, making the user experience an essential part of any direct response effort. So, we’ve implemented digital ecosystems that allow us to have many more touchpoints with our consumers.

Up next: The use of mobile devices has significantly changed behaviors and marked many new trends, forcing direct response marketing to adapt and improve tactics in this area. For Pólvora Advertising, mobile tactics are even more important as the Latino population has a high incidence of mobile devices.

Advice to young marketers: Being a marketer requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice, but when you love it it’s not a sacrifice.

–Natasha D. Smith

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