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14 Pick-Up Lines Every Marketer Should Already Know

Valentines Day is tomorrow which means it’s chocolates and Hallmark season. It also means we need to step up our compliment game. As marketers, we should be experts at this: We spend all day trying to woo people and get them to love what we’re selling. Well, tomorrow you’re selling your love, so you better reach into your pick-up line arsenal for that extra V-Day wow factor.

1.     Hey girl, you want to circle back to my place for a glass of wine?

2.     Want to see what I have in my pipeline?

3.     Forget Netflix & Chill, let’s Webcast & Chill.

4.     I really love your suit—did you get it DTC?

5.     Just in case you were wondering, your Q score is off the charts.

6.     Hey girl, with faces like ours, I bet we’d be trending on social media in no time.

7.     My love for you knows no limits. You could say it’s omnichannel.

8.     I know I don’t look like much right now, but the long-term ROI will be worth it, trust me.

9.     I’m really feeling our mutual synergies and think we should collaborate tonight.

10.   I’m totally down with feminism—I can be the supply, you can be the demand.

11.  I don’t know about you but I’d love to leverage tonight into a long-term relationship.

12.  I know email doesn’t really work, but can I capture yours anyways?

13.  Forget B2B, let’s be all about that human-to-human and 1:1 interaction.

14.  You’re so well SEO’d, I bet if I Googled “beautiful” you’d have the top ranking.

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