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YouTube adds real-time analytics for video channel owners

It took a while but YouTube has an answer for the recent video analytics challenge from Facebook.

Just weeks after Facebook announced that it would show real-time stats for how many times a video is viewed, YouTube is rolling out the same product for its platform. It’s surprising that YouTube took so long to add real-time view reporting, especially since Vine and Facebook had already started offering it earlier in the year.

Although YouTube has been showing video views since the beginning, it used to take a while for the actual number of views to update. This meant that video uploaders had to sit and wait, periodically hitting the refresh button to see how many people had really viewed the video. With the new update, YouTube is cutting down that time considerably.

Now, video uploaders can view stats on their last five published videos, with the option to view numbers every minute (in the last hour) or every hour (for the last 48 hours)

Here’s a blog post from YouTube that explains how to activate the real-time analytics reporting option.

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