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Your cell phone signal will now determine what type of Facebook ad you see

Your slow internet now means you’ll be seeing less complicated ads from Facebook.

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was implementing a new technology called bandwidth targeting. This will allow the platform to show users different types of ads based on the speed of their internet connection. For example, cell phone users with a 3G or 4G data plan could be shown a high quality video ad, while those with slower connections will be shown simple image display ads.

Here’s an example of the new targeting feature from Facebook:

Facebook is hoping the new targeting ability will make ad viewing a less annoying experience for its users, especially those in developing countries, where a 3G or 4G connection isn’t always the default. It’s beneficial for advertisers as well, their ads won’t have to miss out on impressions or clicks just because they’re taking too much time to load.

Bandwidth targeting is available to advertisers around the world via the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the Facebook API.

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