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Your First Priority Should Be Business Growth

your business growth
your business growth

Anyone who has taken a commercial aircraft trip has probably heard the flight attendants give safety advice during the flight. Despite the fact that the majority of aircraft passengers doze off during this period, the airlines are correct in their advice to put your own mask on first before assisting others.  Following the safety instructions of a flight attendant is like wanting to grow your business. In order to give the outstanding service your clients deserve, it is critical to first put on your own mask and respond to the demands of your company.

The first few times I heard the instruction, I thought it was very self-centered of the person giving it. It didn’t seem right to me that I would put my own needs ahead of others around me. Perhaps it was my eight years of parochial education or witnessing my mother sacrifice her own wants that taught me to put others’ needs ahead of my own. However, the airlines have the proper idea, in my opinion. They understand that if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to provide any advantage to anyone else.

Prioritizing Business Growth

Entrepreneurs frequently struggle with the issue of prioritizing business growth. You have a lot on your plate. You’re assisting clients with their problems and responding to information requests. In addition, you are networking with colleagues and keeping up with email. Furthermore, the list goes on and on. However, you still want to grow your business.

It may be true that you begin your day with the best intentions of making business growth a priority. However, you rapidly become distracted by what appears to be the more essential demands of those around you. The expansion of your company is put on hold.

Take First Things First

If you were able to prioritize business growth, it would mean the difference between success and growth as opposed to stagnation and difficulty.

The following are examples of activities that have a direct impact on the growth of your company:

  • Strategic planning and ‘tinkering’ are important aspects of a business. Weekly, monthly, biweekly, and yearly are all great times to strategize for growth.
  • Goal setting, as well as the implementation of activities that are relevant to your goals is vital. In addition, they help propel your organization ahead.
  • Meetings with experts, particularly your strategic business coach, are quite important.
  • Metric tracking should be done on a quarterly, monthly, and annual basis so that you can make better judgments.

The following are the activities that should be a priority AFTER those that are relevant to business growth:

  1. Meetings with clients or work
  2. Communication via e-mail
  3. Paperwork at the bookkeeping desk

Prioritizing operations in this manner may appear to be paradoxical. This is especially true when you see customer meetings as a secondary concern to business expansion. However, just as you would put on your own mask first, you will be able to deliver higher-quality service once your business demands have been met.

In order to make growing your business a priority, follow these four actions.

1. Make the Transition From Managing Your Company To Growing It

Many businesses spend the majority of their time on activities that do not directly relate to being able to grow your business. Therefore, you are actually simply running your business rather than expanding it The ability to operate a successful business is crucial. However, without the ability to grow your business, you will not have much of a business to run.

2. Establish a Schedule to Focus On Growing Your Business

Invest some time at the start of each day in the development of your company. Start using not the last appointment of the day, but the first one of the day on business growth. Putting off business growth until the end of the day is a priority choice. In addition, it almost always means that it will be put off till a more convenient time. As if there is such a thing as a more convenient time!

3. Keep Your Word on the Time Commitment

As a business owner, you wisely keep your promises to your clients about meetings and deliverables. However, to grow your business, you should also display the same level of respect for yourself and the future of your company. This is extremely important! Therefore, in order to move your business forward, you must not change or cancel the appointment you have set with yourself. Therefore, keep the promises you make to your business and to yourself about growing your business.

4. Show Up Every Day Prepared To Grow Your Business

Not only should you make an appearance, but you should also arrive prepared. Therefore, be ready to take your company forward with a plan for what you hope to accomplish during the day. Refer to your strategic plan for guidance. Alternatively, hire a strategic business coach to guide you through the process of developing a plan to grow your business.

Don’t allow your company to suffer as a result of unsustainable and irregular growth patterns. Therefore, put your company’s growth first. If you do, you’ll reap the benefits of a more productive and prosperous business in the long run.

Image Credit: Andrew Neil; Pexels; Thank you!

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