You can now advertise events directly in Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook is giving event marketers more real estate on its platform by adding advertising slots for them in the News Feed.

Previously, ads for events would only show up in the right hand column of Facebook’s interface. While effective on desktops, this space isn’t exactly optimized for mobile. Now, event ads will show up right in the middle of users’ News Feeds.

Here’s what the new event ad will look like:

In addition to being able to deploy event ads, Facebook Page admins will also have access to analytics on the ads performance. This includes stats on:

  • The number of people who’ve seen a link to the event on Facebook
  • The number of people who’ve viewed the event
  • The number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received

Facebook has also updated the design for Events pages, including suggested events based on information such as the Pages users like, their location and the day of the week.

The new event ads and pages will be rolled out to Page admins within the next few weeks.

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