**Yesmail.com Introduces E-Mail Management Solution

NEW ORLEANS — E-mail marketing firm yesmail.com yesterday introduced a Web-based system here at the Direct Marketing Association's fall show that hopes to provide its clients better manageability of e-mail marketing campaigns.

The product, YesConnect, aims to serve as a platform for e-mail marketers to target, create, manage and track their campaigns via the Internet.

“It's a complete self-serve e-mail marketing interface for marketers, directed toward marketers, for marketers, so that they can go in front to back,” said Anthony Priore, senior vice president at yesmail, Chicago. “It allows marketers to develop a campaign, develop the messages, target them on the network and set up tracking to track it 24/7.”

YesConnect enables marketers to manage campaigns through a number of online tools, Priore said. For instance, the product features a so-called “online help wizard” that helps marketers compile target groups, generate quotes and track responses, among other things, he said.

Priore also said the system enables marketers to archive their campaigns.

“You can come back to campaigns and come back to all of your different test cells,” Priore said. “You can revisit a winning campaign many times.”

The system also enables marketers, in real time, to view online cost estimates and campaign assembly functions, Priore said.

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